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Queer Indonesia Archive is a volunteer run organisation and our success has been made possible through the hard work, skills and dedication of our team of volunteers.

We are always looking for people who can help us with achieving our goals with their time, energy and expertise.

Longer term Volunteer Roles

Roles that require an ongoing committment

Web Developers

Help with managing and improving both our website and catalogue with your web development and web design skills

Blog Manager

Help maintain and update the QIA website blog by highlighting our new content and news relevent to the QIA community

Short Term Roles Availible

Intermitant or shorter roles for those with limited time to volunteer

Oral History Transcription

Help us write transcripts of our oral history interviews


We are seeking people who are able to translate both Indonesian to English and from English to Indonesian.

Photo Editor

Help us to develop digital scans of photo negatives and do digital photo restoration / colour correction.

Object Cataloguing

Read a small sample of our current collection and fill out an online cataloguing form.

Object Description

Write short descriptions of our objects to improve understanding, accessibility and discoverability.

Mainstream Media Researcher

Help us identify materials within the mainstream press by going through online archives of Indonesian newspapers and magazines to list and collect content concerning our communities.

Blog Collector

We’re you big into queer blogs in the 2000s? If so, we're looking for you to help us compile a list of the LGBTIQ+ blogs that were active in the period 1995-2010.

Audio Researcher

Help us locate and store recordings of music, radio and comedy cassettes with queer representation.

Film & TV Researcher

Help us collect materials reflecting the long history of queer representation in Indonesian film and TV.

Object Deep Dive

Do a detailed reading of parts of our collection highlighting key people mentioned, key events, key organisations and key dates.

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