The Queer Indonesia Archive is a digital archiving project committed to the collection, preservation and celebration of material reflecting the lives and experiences of queer Indonesia.

The project is volunteer run, community focused and non-profit

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Queer Zines

of the 80s, 90s and 00s

Small-scale, independently published magazines were a dominant medium of expression for the Indonesian lesbian and gay communities before the advent of the internet. Beginning with the first publication in 1982 and ending with a slow transition to the internet by the mid-2000s, for two decades these magazines connected communities all over Indonesia and allowed them to imagine new futures and new possibilities for themselves and people like them.

Jakarta in the 90s

An Incomplete History

Jakarta in the 90s was a city of contradiction; embodying both the conservatism of the Orde Baru regime and the rapid changes brought by unfettered capitalist expansion and globalisation. These excesses would eventually end in the Asian Financial crisis and the overthrow of the Orde Baru regime in 1998. This exhibition will allow a portal into the lives of the queer communities that partied and struggled throughout the decade that would change Indonesia forever.

& Queers in Indonesia:

A history of HIV/AIDS and the queer community response based on materials from Queer Indonesia Archive

When the first known AIDS-related death in Indonesia was reported in 1987, the spectre of the virus had already been cast across the archipelago. In response to the lack of government concern about their communities, queer community leaders took it upon themselves to communicate the risks and repercussions of HIV. This exhibition showcases the story of HIV in Indonesia throughout the first two decades of the epidemic with a focus on the response from queer communities - a story of resilience, death, humour and ultimately hope.

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