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Help support our project


Currently the archive does not receive any on-going financial support. So far, we have survived on one-off donations, the hard work of volunteers and crowdfunding.

We are seeking opportunities for funding. If you know of a grant, or an organisation that may be able to support our project, please contact us to let us know.

How to donate

We can accept donations through our PayPal

And by bank transfer (Indonesian)

Bank: BTPN
Nomor Rekening: 900208488861

Cashtag Jenius: $qiarchive

Donations are not tax deductable

How we use our funding

IT Costs

The cost of running our website, our cloud server and IT infrastructure is around $450 a year. Your donations help ensure we can keep these costs sustainable and continue to grow our digital collection in a safe and secure online environment.

Field Trips

Funds are also used to help support volunteer field trips to work with community members to digitise materials across Indonesia and record oral history interviews.

Material Collection

Magazines, books, comics, cassettes and posters that reflect Indonesia’s queer history are often sold online in Indonesia. Your donation will ensure that when these materials do come available, we are able to purchase them and ensure they are digitised.

Previous Supporters

We want to extend a big thanks to the Pride Foundation and their small grants scheme for supporting our website and hosting costs for 2020. 

Pride Foundation Australia (PFA) is a national philanthropic organisation that works to increase philanthropic support for the Australian LGBTQIA+ and allied communities and to advocate for systemic change to advance LGBTQIA+ equity.